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Inco and the national Beauty contest

Beauties on the catwalk
At the 2016 edition, Inco sponsored the sector of the first person classified won by Elisa Terreno; she will be officially representing the contest until it reaches the final. She will have the chance...

Movement and volume

“Curl-reviving” define curls
A “curl-reviving” transparent gel to add support and movement to hair. Moisturises the hair, eliminates frizz and defines natural curls, increasing shine over a prolonged period of time. Used on ...


A cosmetic peel containing Mandelic Acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid extracted from bitter almonds. Recommended once a week for anti-ageing, skin toning, treating blemishes (skin pigmentation, acne, rosac...

Hairstylist Profession

A touch of Iris florentina
Through the experience of international hairstylist Frank Giacone, Inco has captured the magic of a fairy-tale day in the In&Out lacquer by Codice. The pleasant, sensual and heady fragrance of Iris fl...

Mind/body wellbeing programmes

At home or at the beauty centre
Vitesse is not just a personalised beauty journey for draining, reducing and compacting, but also a complete, reassuring, unique experience to be begun at the beauty centre and continued every day wit...