“A woman must get a tan. A golden tan is chic” Coco Chanel

Our skin is the body’s first defense against the world surrounding us but it is also the organ that is most exposed to environmental factors and, therefore, must be protected. Overexposure to sunlight (UV rays) is among the most important risk factors in skin photoaging.

When we start dreaming about those relaxing moments on the beach basked in the sunshine, we must be prepared for them and should take care in not exposing ourselves too much. In order to try to limit skin damage as much as possible, the new cosmetics European standards have taken sunscreens into serious consideration by issuing strict regulations.

Pro Sun will soon be on show in Salons in an updated version for a golden tan with a healthy skin, with physical and chemical filters that guarantee optimal protection against UVA and UVB rays, many antioxidants for skin hydration and tone.

And what about your hair? It also undergoes stress, from exposure to external agents in the same way as your skin does. With Pro Sun we focused on reducing hair dryness and protecting its color, which tends to fade because of the sun’s rays.

Therefore, let’s start now with 3 Wellness Rituals so that when summer comes you will enjoy it fully and safely:

  • Treat yourself to a facial and body scrub to cleanse your skin to remove toxic chemicals and dead cells accumulated during winter, at least every 20 to 30 days.
  • Keep to a healthy diet, rich in Pro-Tanning vitamins and minerals, not forgetting to drink plenty of water.
  • Even in the city, as you gradually begin to expose more and more of your body parts, you should apply a cream that has a protection factor suitable for your skin type, which also helps prevent aging.

We will shortly be unveiling the follow-up of this ritual with the entire PRO SUN line, matched with fresh and cheerful DATCH accessories.