The transition from winter to spring is always a challenging time for our organism because its biorhythm is altered by the change in temperature and the gradual lengthening of the days. Light becomes more intense, hormones awaken and our system needs to be detoxified.

During winter, our hair, just like our skin, must deal with cold temperatures, humidity and pollution. As springtime comes around, climatic conditions improve and nature makes our locks fall, as happens in autumn, to make way for new, stronger and healthier hair. 

Baobabè moisturizing shampoo with organic Baobabè Oil from Senegal, obtained by squeezing its seeds at room temperature and rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E, will make your hair light and voluminous and protect it from external agents. The delightful Gardenia scent will give off a lively citrus fragrance, enriched with sweet notes of Caramel and a heart of Jasmine. A real aesthetic treatment for your hair.

Baobabè is the first shampoo of Inco cosmetics’ Bioè Natural Line, certified Cosmos Natural in accordance with European “green chemistry” production standards.

A “green” shampoo that, thanks to the use of surfactants chosen keeping in mind sustainability, will produce a soft and pleasant lather from the very first round, allowing you not to use more product than necessary to clean it properly.

A well-being ritual that respects your hair and not only.